The Wedding Day

אפשר לעזור?

 Time Management

In order not to get pressured on the day of the wedding, prepare for yourself a tentative schedule. Consult a professional about the time needed for hair styling, how long will the makeup take, and how much time you should allot for photography. Add to the total time an extra hour for traffic and unexpected surprises along the way.

The Wedding Preparations

Try to prevent surprises. Although usually a surprise is a nice thing, on the day of your wedding it might interfere and create stress. Plan closely all the details of your wedding day and stick to the plan. Prepare ahead of time everything that is needed. Do a trial makeup and hairstyle and avoid making last minute decisions.

Drinking and Behaving Foolishly

Try to drink in moderation during your wedding night and avoid getting drunk. You don’t want your friends to think that you are so desperate of the wedding act that you are drinking in order to forget it! You also don’t want to look like this groom that is shown on Fisfusim (A candid camera program on Israeli TV) who went to the bathroom so drunk that he searched for the apparatus needed to urinate inside his pants pocket...

So Mazel-Tov on your wedding,

אפשר לעזור?

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