A “Piece of Cake” Wedding

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You are about to get married and you are organizing the night of your life. You are concerned. You want everyone to enjoy and remember this night for many years, or at least for a few months... How do you reduce the enormous tensions and worries so that everybody will enjoy your wedding 

  Don’t forget to pay attention to one important detail, which is not at all marginal: The night belongs to you, the happy couple! You are the ones who are supposed to enjoy as much as possible when you get married

First of all, Remember that most of the guests are coming in order to make you, the couple, happy, and not to criticize your lettuce salad. Secondly, you will always find at least one guest who is not satisfied. And thirdly, don’t forget that this is not a premiere of professional actors. Even if everything would be wonderful, and there would be no mishaps, you will not get the opportunity for a repeat performance nor will you become a serial bride and groom. So please, take things lightly

So Mazel-Tov on your wedding

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אפשר לעזור?

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