The Eight Principles for a Well Organized B’rith

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  1. Plan ahead the number of guests you would like to invite to the B’rith.

  2. Decide whether you would like to combine the party with the circumcision or do them separately.

  3. In case you decided on separate events, select the optimal time for the party: Friday afternoon? Saturday afternoon? A weekday afternoon? A weekday evening?

  4. Think about the style of the location which you prefer.

  5. Verify how Kosher you need the food to be.

  6. Check the budget that you have for the event.

  7. Call Lee-Kal Events and Weddings and receive a recommendation for the most suitable places – at the best price.

  8. You may have background music but make sure you have a good photographer for the B’rith. The child will greatly enjoy looking at the pictures as he grows up.

    So Mazel-Tov on your B’rith!
    We will be happy to be at your service in organizing your B’rith free of charge.

    Lee-Kal Events and Weddings.

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