The Thirteen Principles for a Well Organized Bar Mitzvah

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Bar Mitzvah

Schedule as soon as possible the Torah
Reading in a synagogue of your choice. :With regards to the party

 Prepare a guest list in order to know how many guests you would like to invite. Decide and agree whether you want to include classmates in the adults’ party.

Select the optimal time. A weekday evening? Saturday night? Shabbat Hatan (a weekend in a guesthouse or in a hotel)? Friday afternoon? Saturday afternoon?

Think about the style of the location which you prefer. A garden? A hotel? an event hall? A restaurant? A special place with character?

Imagine what is the nature of the place that will suit you. Elegant or natural, fancy or simple.

Don’t  forget to ask the child what are his preferences. After all, he is the man of the hour.

Plan to have the event at a convenient geographical location for you and your guests.

Verify how Kosher you need the food to be.

Check the budget that you have for the event.

Call Lee-Kal Events and Weddings and receive a recommendation for the most suitable places – at the best price.

Start scouting Bar Mitzvah locations following coordination.

 Consider the style of music: A DJ? A Duo? A singer accompanied by a musician?

Book a good photographer for the Bar Mitzvah. His product is the only tangible thing that you will have left from the event.

Try to find some entertainment for the children as well - in case you have more than 10 children among the guests.
Lee-Kal Events and Weddings

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