Ten rules for planning a wedding

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1. First you should decide in which season you would like to get married.


2. Make a guest list in order to know the approximate total number of your guests.


3. Think about your kind of place: is it an open space like a garden? a hall?  a hotel? or perhaps a small and intimate restaurant?


4. Think about the style of your place: is it simple and natural, or maybe modern and sophisticated?


5. Set a geographical area for the place that would be suitable to most of your guests.


6. Do you need the food to be in a special kind of kashruth?


7. Know your budget.


8. Call Lee-Kal institution to get

 recommendations for the places that would fit you the most- and for the best prices!


9. Begin by calling these places to set appointments and then go to see them.


10.  Be sure to understand what the price includes and what requires extra pay.


This will allow you to make an economic comparison regarding the profitability of the place.


!Congratulation for your wedding



אפשר לעזור?

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